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I believe our main job as a parent is to protect and Guide our children down the best choices for their life path.
It was important to me to do this for my four children especially during the difficult times.

I faced many hardships in my personal life, my upbringing, and financially. In December of 2018 I reached out to the adoption Director Renee as one of my final options for my children to have a better life than I felt I could give them in that season. I called her in tears, feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and ready to listen to the process and things to think about or consider when opening up about the possibility of giving your children a chance at becoming adopted into a new home and what that would look like.

I was in a position in my life where I was terribly honest with the fact that I just wasn’t a very healthy person in my thoughts let alone a healthy parent keeping up with my children’s need for love and affection. I could barely afford caring for them being a single mother on welfare and starting my first job at a restaurant with many high expectations. For me, keeping up a decent work ethic and getting up at the same time, and doing it on a consistent basis with a smile on my face was just not what I’ve ever done successfully.

I had to come to accept the possibility that I was in over my head and simply couldn’t keep up with this life I blindly chose. These beautiful people I birthed into the world deserve better than what I can dream of offering.

Renee told me to first speak with my family close and far to find out if anyone was willing to take in the children. She told me it be best of the siblings stayed together and suggested to me I take a look at couples in her files who are very open and in search of multiple children to join their home. She said she could send me their profiles through the mail.

She let me cry to her in my desperation to find the best solution to move beyond my circumstances and make a better choice for my children’s future. There was simply nothing I could do about the past but I knew I wanted to change our lives someway somehow to overcome this very difficult season of grief regret and depression.

Though I did not choose to follow through with the adoption process Rene has kept In touch to see how things are doing and to send me encouragement. I was able to start seeing a therapist and now I’m getting a better swing of the work schedule and built coping skills to better handle my emotions.

After letting my mother and family know I was considering adoption, they all jumped on board and decided to take me serious in my cry for help. My father actually is raising my oldest child in the home I grew up in and I see her every holiday, summer vacation , and weekend. My mother stays home to watch my 3 younger children during the week when I work the night shift at the restaurant. And my sister helps me to clean up around the apartment during the week when she know I’m not able to because of work or I’m down right tired.

I want to thank this company with all my heart for being a hand to hold when I had no hope of becoming a better parent.

I was shown by this adoption company that my children and I will never have to fear the future because they have our back. Never rule out a helping hand in a crisis or time of need.

It is up to us as parents to give our children every opportunity for the best life . Thank you 🙏🏼

– Lela Marie

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