Most Caring, Professional, and Successful Adoption Services

Adoptions First has provided the most caring, professional and successful adoption services for 30 years. Since 1989 Adoptions First has provided the best adoption services & experience for our birth parents and adoptive parents. It is much more than our work. It is our passion, our personal stories and our life’s calling.

We know very well the challenges of birth parents and adoptive parents. We will guide you with warmth and support throughout the entire adoption services process. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Adoptions First is open-minded, embraces diversity and never judges any of our birth parents or adoptive parents. We welcome all types of families, including same sex couples and single adoptive parents.

Our Team

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*all advisors are independent consultants

David Ellis


“After adopting our baby over thirty years ago, I knew I would always be connected to the adoption process as I walked “in the same shoes” as any family wanting to have a baby. I realized that with a lot more hand-holding on both sides, the adoption journey could be improved. I made the decision to go into the field of Adoptions services because I felt that I could make a difference. My decision was based on a passion to build families and to solely assist people in fulfilling their dreams to become parents. The most powerful moments are sharing with families, who have experienced many years of pain and disappointment, that they will become parents.

Gregory Koffman


Greg is an attorney licensed in California who performs legal services in the area of adoption. Whether representing birthparents or adoptive families, Greg is keenly aware of the emotional nature of the adoption process and the ups and downs someone going through an adoption can experience. Greg strives to smooth out the process and make it enjoyable for all concerned. Nothing makes Greg happier than to see the smiles, tears of joy and hugs shared by family members when an adoption is successfully finalized.

Ronald Rosenberg


Ron has been practicing law in California for many years. He recognizes that active involvement in the adoption process from the outset can make the adoption journey work better for both the birth mother and the adopting family. “My life is full of incredible joy as a result of my family and I find life more fulfilling when I can give back by helping other people create their own families.” Ron has been practicing adoption, business and real estate law and is very excited to now be working with Adoptions First in order to focus on adoption.



Renee has been working directly with adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoption professionals for over 21 years. Throughout that time, David and Renee have successfully collaborated on a number of domestic adoptions and international outgoing adoptions, working with families living in Western European Countries who were approved to adopt children from the USA. Working with families from around the world to see that every child has a forever home is Renee’s goal and passion. Her immeasurable depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and love for adoption is evident to everyone she works with. Renee supports and guides clients and birthparents with care and compassion while ensuring that everyone receives the highest quality of adoption services.



Bonnie is an attorney and sole practitioner licensed in California who performs legal services on our adoptions as an independent contractor. She works closely with David on the majority of our California adoptions. She began working in the area of domestic adoptions in October of 1992 and has focused her practice on adoptions since that time. She has participated in and/or completed over 1,500 adoptions, including independent, interstate, agency-assisted, relative, stepparent, and adult adoptions, as well as re-adoptions of internationally-adopted children. Prior to becoming an attorney, Bonnie worked over 17 years as a legal secretary, paralegal, and law clerk. She knows how to get things done efficiently, expeditiously and ethically. She and her husband are the adoptive parents of four children, now all adults, two of whom were adopted domestically and two of whom were adopted internationally. She gets a special satisfaction from assisting our staff to help our clients start and grow their families through adoption.



After making an adoption plan for her birth-daughter over 5 years ago, Ali earned a Masters in Social Work to spend her career helping others through the adoption process. Throughout her academic program, she continued her engagement with the adoption community as a Birthmother Outreach Coordinator, Adoption Agency Intern, and Birthmother Buddy. Ali is an invaluable resource for our birthmothers and a wonderful asset to our Adoptions First team.


Adoption Consultant

Linda is committed to building families through adoption. As an adoptive mother, she strongly believes that everyone regardless of age, race, marital status or sexual orientation, should have the op on of fulfilling their dream of becoming a parent. Linda brings valuable insight and experience to the potentially daunting adoption process. Having experienced infertility and the decision to adopt herself, she knows the emotional highs and lows families go through during an adoption. As the mother of an adoptee, she shares her own experiences with clients going through the same thing: making the decision that adopting is a viable alternative to creating a family; realizing the goal of raising a child, not just bearing one; and finally, facing the fears and uncertainty associated with the adoption process. Linda has worked in the legal eld for over 25 years and has participated in more than 2000 adoptions, focusing on behind-the-scenes interactions with the Department of Social Services and terminating the rights of birthfathers.


Birthmother Companion

Darcey is the proud single mother of two children. She has over 20 years of experience in social work and has been working with birthmothers and families in adoptions for several of those years. Adoption has become her special passion and life’s work. Darcey believes that the secret of experiencing a successful adoption is focusing on the birthmother. Being at the hospital with so many birthmothers has only served to reinforce her immense appreciation for the strength, love and resolve it takes to choose this path. She is pleased to be working with such a first-rate team.