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Charities, Giving Back

If you are interested in joining us in these events or would like to share information about your non-profit organization, please contact us.

Charities, giving back. Adoptions First sponsors and supports select charities. Over the years, we have participated in events, including the Global Mobility Project and World Orphanage Foundation, and have donated to many non-profit organizations. We believe that giving back is essential to making our world a better place.



Global Mobility

Global Mobility recently held its Vietnam Seating Clinic, where 40 children were provided with the wheelchairs they need to stay healthy, be a part of their community, and share more experiences with their families.

Thanks to our friends at DHL, Global Mobility was able to deliver precious cargo more efficiently than ever before, getting the wheelchairs from Guatemala to Vietnam in just a week. This is the story of how, together, we were able to change lives by moving lives.

World Orphanage Foundation

World Orphanage Foundation is non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to provide education to orphans. By giving these children the necessary educational tools and skills, they will go on to not only help themselves but help their societies and countries as well. WOF is a public movement, every donor have a right to see where there fund is going and how it’s being distributed.

100% of all public donations directly fund orphan education, shelter, food and WOF proves every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on a map.