• Your Healthy Adoption
    Here’s to Your Healthy Adoption! Adoption is love. Adoption is beautiful. Adoption is also stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. For a healthy adoption journey, hopeful adoptive parents must begin the process with a proper level of expectation and maintain that until the day they bring their child home. Never compare your adoption to that of anyone else as each is as unique as you. Every person that wants to experience the wonder of
  • Adoptive Parents
    How to Make an Open Adoption Work During Pregnancy and After Placement The words “open adoption” bring many thoughts to mind. Some imagine an experience where the birth mother remains heavily involved in raising her child through the adoptive family. Others may visualize a yearly exchange of photos and updates. The truth is, each open adoption is unique based on the desires of those involved. An open adoption is not co-parenting. It’s a communication plan
  • Adoption
    Adoption Attorneys versus Adoption Agencies Understanding the difference will help you make the right decision for you. Most prospective birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents have heard of adoption agencies, but did you also know, in most states, you can choose to work with an adoption attorney instead? There are some similarities and also some differences between an adoption attorney and an adoption agency which we will explain below. Once you know the facts, you
  • How Adoptive Parents Can Overcome Challenges A new book called Countdown, by Shanna Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, caused some concern about a further decrease in the birth rate after top news sources cited statements such as “sperm counts have dropped almost 60% since 1973.” This possible impact of not having enough pregnant women is an added challenge that adoption professionals and adoptive
  • 10 Common Reasons to Consider Adoption for your Child 1. You aren’t ready to be a mother (again) and terminating the pregnancy is not viable option at this time in your life. Parenting is something that will change your life forever and the idea of becoming a parent can be scary if you’re not ready for such a commitment. Consider all options and do not second guess yourself. Making a safe and secure plan to
  • Pregnant and Considering Adoption
    Why choosing adoption at any stage of your pregnancy is a loving choice for you and your baby. Many women who are pregnant and considering adoption often feel they have to make a decision alone but nothing could be further from the truth. Trusted adoption professionals, like those at Adoptions First, provide private and free consultations to talk through your many options. To get started, it’s helpful to reframe how you speak about adoption. You