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We are pleased to announce that Renee Franklin has joined the Law Office of David L. Ellis as Director of Adoptions First. Renee has been working directly with adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoption professionals for over 21 years. She brings to the position her immeasurable depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and love for adoption. Renee will support and guide clients throughout their adoption journey with care and compassion while ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of adoption services.

We are also thrilled to introduce Dr. Jennifer Bliss, LCSW, PsyD, who is collaborating with Adoptions First to provide clinical support, education and consultation services for our birthparents and families. For over 15 years, Dr. Bliss has worked to promote best practices in child welfare and adoption. She has supervised adoption counselors across the nation and also has a bicoastal private practice where she works with all members of the adoption triad.

Bonnie Hiler is a California attorney with over 25 years experience in adoption. As a sole practitioner, she is available as an independent contractor to assist our families as needed in answering questions and facilitating legal aspects of the adoption after a match has been made.

And finally, Adoptions First is excited to welcome Alexandra Desmond, MSW. After making an adoption plan for her daughter over 5 years ago, Alexandra earned a Masters in Social Work to spend her career helping others through the adoption process. Throughout her academic program, Alexandra continued her engagement with the adoption community as a Birthmother Outreach Coordinator, Adoption Agency Intern, and Birthmother Buddy. Alexandra will be an invaluable resource for our birthmothers and a wonderful asset to our team.

We also want to let everyone know that Elisabeth Wallock and Amy Bresler have left Adoptions First to spend more time with their families. David, Elisabeth and Amy continue to work together during this transition for the benefit of all of our clients. Their cases have been reassigned and our new Adoption Specialists will be reaching out to all of our current families in the coming weeks. Both Amy and Elisabeth have expressed their well wishes for Adoptions First and our legacy of success in building families. We thank them for their years of dedication and hope they will join us in the future at one of our Adoption Celebrations.

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