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Adoption Process

We are writing to share some information as it relates to your adoption. For families waiting to be identified by prospective birth parents, the wait can be the most difficult part of the process. We continue to be here to support and guide you through what can be an emotionally trying time. A number of families have asked how long they will need to wait. Unfortunately, no one can answer that question or provide a guarantee. What we can say, however, from many years of experience and countless successful adoptions is that we remain confident everyone will be successful in just a matter of time.

The US is seeing the lowest birth rate in thirty years which certainly adversely affects the number of adoptions annually. We share this information to make you aware, not frighten you. Faced with the lower birth rate and other factors, families are choosing to be more proactive by further expanding their exposure, allowing prospective birth parents to find them. Some will engage our social media representative who advertises directly for them on Facebook and other forums while others will place print advertisements after consulting with us to discuss “adoption friendly states.”

To continue to provide you with the best possible service, making ourselves accessible to prospective birth parents around the country, we have substantially elevated our online presence. Traffic to our improved website has increased and numerous calls continue to come in daily. In addition, we network with adoption professional throughout the US who will consider our families when prospective birth parents come to them searching for a family. We also maintain relationships with OBGYN offices, pregnancy crisis centers, and hospitals who are invited to reach out to us should a woman inquire about adoption as an option.

In addition, to fall in line with what other adoption professionals are offering, we are assisting prospective birth mothers earlier in their pregnancy with the payment of reasonable pregnancy related expenses. If we do nothing these woman will look elsewhere. Risk vs reward has always been a consideration and will continue to be. We are confident in our ability to successfully manage each and every situation, including situations where there is a greater financial risk to you. While we urge you to consult with your CPA, it is our understanding that in the event a prospective birth mother receives financial assistance from you and does not place her child for adoption, you may write off your financial loss as a charitable contribution. With that, the financial risk decreases and opportunity increases.

With adjustments we have and will continue to make, we are hopeful your chances of adopting will increase substantially in a shorter period of time. If you would like to talk about the information provided or anything else, please let us know.

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