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How The Adoption Process Can Work, A Personal Account.

Having adopted our first child five years earlier, my husband and I definitely felt like we were going into adoption #2 as seasoned pros, veterans of sorts. And so our second adoption journey started much like our first and it became abundantly clear that our priority was going to be connecting with the right people – only this time around, it seemed as if there might literally be hundreds of offices out there who would be more than happy to work with us with the promise of a baby down the road.

We had just moved to a new city and that Monday morning, my husband went to work, our son went off to preschool and I set off to complete what seemed like endless piles of paperwork sent to us from the various adoption offices we had contacted. Once the forms were turned in and our fingerprints done, the obvious (and difficult) waiting game began.

Time definitely felt like it was standing still. Besides a monthly email with little to no helpful information from our adoption office, we weren’t getting the feeling that our dream of our child becoming a big brother was going to become a reality any time soon.

And then one day, I was chatting with someone who didn’t know that we were in the process of adopting (this conversation would later turn out to be one of the many seemingly random acts of fate that has sometimes steered our journeys). She asked me if I was working with someone named Elisabeth. When I told her that we weren’t, she insisted that I connect with her right away. She described Elisabeth as the most caring and honest person and told me that she works in the “adoption world”. Little did I know that at that moment, my adoption journey would be forever changed, and thankfully for the best.

Of course, I called Elisabeth right away and we had a great call. She was honest and insightful and made me feel very at ease about all the steps we had taken so far. Soon after, we scheduled a time for her to meet us, we spoke to David, checked out a reference or two and before long, we became clients of Adoptions First.

Working with Adoptions First was truly amazing and unlike any of our other experiences. From Elisabeth, David and Linda, to Stella and the office staff and everyone in between, we always felt like we were in great hands. And what we quickly learned is that we didn’t just want to be the ones being taken care of, but we also wanted the birth mothers that they were working with to be treated with the same respect. Elisabeth and the entire team at Adoptions First was really there for us every step of the way and it became really clear to us that they truly gave the same support to the birth mothers.

At Adoptions First, you are not only building your family, but you are building long standing relationships with people who know firsthand about adoption and care from the bottom of their hearts. I am pleased to share that because of the support we received from Elisabeth and Adoptions First, we didn’t stop at adoption journey #2 – we are now the proudest parents of three wonderful children, all of whom entered our lives through the amazing world of adoption.

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