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I have worked with Renee and the Adoptions First team since 2017 while trying to adopt my first child. At that time, I had been working with an adoption agency for over a year and had a very difficult time resulting in numerous failed matches. Although I was matched with my first son through the agency, I chose to work with Renee and Adoptions First exclusively when I was ready to adopt a second time.
Adoption is a bumpy road and it does not get any easier when you adopt as a single person – as I have. To have someone you respect, connect, trust and appreciate is a true gift. That is what Renee at Adoptions First was and is for me. I’m proud to have been able to walk through this adoption journey with her on my side, and I’m thrilled my son’s birth family had her as well. I know she was a trusted friend to them and continues to be. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Our family is now complete, but if yours is not, I can’t recommend this team enough.

– Dan Cherence