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We worked closely with Adoptions First to adopt our 2 girls (2016 and 2020), and we couldn’t have been happier with the process and the Adoptions First team. David, Renee, and Co have a gift for making adoptive parents feel like they have a collaborative partner along a journey that can have many ups and downs. We felt heard, understood, and that our needs were being taken into consideration throughout each adoptive process.

Adoption is never a linear experience; there are so many things happening at once, most of which are out of the adoptive family’s control. Adoptions First excels at making sure that adoptive families have all the information in real time, and that they are accessible at any time for any reason. In particular, Renee is an amazing advocate and a clear and direct communicator. She’s there to guide, give advice or just be a sounding board during a difficult or stressful moment. We can honestly say that we wouldn’t have made it through our second adoption without her care and guidance.

We can’t recommend this team enough. We are proud that they will always be a part of our family’s story.

– Joey