We wanted to start a family to share in the wonderful life we had created. We have always wished to have children and while we cannot have a child naturally, this challenge has not diminished our desire to start a family. We have so much love to give and want to make our family complete by bringing a child into our hearts. From this moment on we made our decision to adopt…

Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents

About Us

We are Michelle and Peter. We met through Peter’s sister. She introduced us and we had an instant connection. I fell in love with Peter for his incredible loyalty. Peter fell in love with my kindhearted manner. We are madly in love with each other and extremely dedicated to our marriage. We have been together for 16 years and love every minute of our journey together.


Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents


About Michelle (by Peter)

Michelle has a successful career in human resources. She takes pride in her work and enjoys the time with her clients and co-workers. Michelle is compassionate, loving, giving and an excellent listener. She does anything and everything to make her family, friends and clients feel happy and at peace.

Michelle has a sweet and sometimes silly sense of humor. She loves to host Sunday dinners at our house for family and friends. Our friends are so important to us and their children love coming over to Uncle Petey and Auntie Shell’s house! On Sunday’s in the fall we love to watch football and drink hot apple cider.

Her thoughtfulness, patience and warmth will make her an excellent mom. She shares so much of herself with everyone in her life. I have always known Michelle to be a kind and caring person who lives life to the fullest.

About Peter (by Michelle)

I am so lucky to have a man like Peter in my life. He is a dedicated, hard worker. Peter has a successful career as a contractor and has always been a provider. It is extremely important to him to make sure his family is safe and stable. I am so lucky to have a husband like Peter.

Peter is fun and loves to make people laugh. He tells jokes and the kids in our life love to be around him. He always puts family first and is willing to lend a helping hand to a friend or neighbor in need. It is one of his favorite traditions to go cut down our Christmas tree. He cannot wait to share these traditions with a child.

I greatly admire Peter’s unselfish and loving nature, and I am so proud to have him in my life. I cannot wait to begin the journey of parenthood with him. I know he will be an incredible dad.


Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents


Our Family

My parents, Bill and Mary, were happily married for 30 years. They adored each other and their family. I miss my dad every day and hope that I make him proud.

My mom is such a gentile woman who loves to be around her family. I know she would love nothing more than to be a grandmother. She is going to love this child beyond compare.

I have two younger brothers who I love dearly. Christopher lives in NYC and is a wine sommelier. He has a girlfriend, Adriana. He travels to different parts of the country testing and learning more about wine.

Michael also lives in NYC with his wife Linda. Michael teaches computers to under privilege children and Linda works for an Ad Agency. They were married last year and are hoping to have children soon. My brothers are going to be wonderful uncles and we can’t wait to have children in our family.


My parents, Bob and Patricia, are such wonderful people. They met each other in school when they were both 15 years old and they have been together ever since. They were married when they were 22. My mom is an English teacher. She retired last year. My dad is a contractor. Him and I built the house we live in now. He is extremely talented and everything I have learned and become is because of him. They love being grandparents and look forward to our family’s growth.

I have two beautiful sisters, Colleen and Molly. I watched them go from sweet young girls to beautiful woman. I cherish my bond with each of them.

Colleen and her husband, Nick, live right down the street from us with their two children, James, 3 and Olivia, 2.

Molly and her fiance, Franco, also live in the same town. It is so nice to have our family close together. They look forward to getting married and starting a family as well. It will be great to have all our children grow up together and attend the same school.


Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents


We hope that in reading this letter and looking at the special times that we have shared that you have some sense of who we are. We know that if we are fortunate enough to adopt, this child will be so loved because we are two generous, kind-hearted, responsible people who have so much to give.

We promise to raise this baby to love others, be kind and compassionate, and to always be willing to help others in need. Our home is filled with family and laughter. We will protect and guide this baby into childhood and adulthood.

We are excited about this new phase in our journey together and look forward to bringing a child into our lives. We are honored to be considered as adoptive parents and we would love the opportunity to meet with you.


With love,
Michelle and Peter

Michelle and Peter Adoptive Parents