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Adoption Process We are writing to share some information as it relates to your adoption. For families waiting to be identified by prospective birth parents, the wait can be the most difficult part of the process. We continue to be here to support and guide you through what can be an emotionally trying time. A number of families have asked how long they will need to wait. Unfortunately, no one can answer that question or
Does placing my baby for adoption make me a bad person?When I was making the decision whether or not to place my baby for adoption I struggled with this same question. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame placed on women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are often times thought of as irresponsible and careless. On top of that shame placed on us, there is still ignorance about adoption that creates an additional stigma. Society
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Choosing the Parents for My BabyWhen I knew that I was going to place my baby for adoption, I wanted to find the best parents I could for my child. That is one of the most important parts of the adoption experience that I had with Adoptions First. These are the people that will be adopting your child. The people that will be raising them, teaching them and loving them.I wanted a couple who had
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How I Define “Birthmother”When we first began to explore adoption in order to start our family almost ten years ago, we realized that besides the goal of wanting a baby, I wasn’t going to have a lot in common with my friends who were pregnant and starting their families. At a time when we should have been leading almost parallel lives, it really felt as though we were worlds apart.So as we dove into our
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How The Adoption Process Can Work, A Personal Account.Having adopted our first child five years earlier, my husband and I definitely felt like we were going into adoption #2 as seasoned pros, veterans of sorts. And so our second adoption journey started much like our first and it became abundantly clear that our priority was going to be connecting with the right people – only this time around, it seemed as if there might literally
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