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Adoptions First is a wonderful company led by the outstanding work of Renee. Renee not only guided my daughter through the process but was there for her 24/7.Her kindness, patience, and compassion helped my daughter get through a difficult time. Renee is also there for family members and the adoptive parents and I just can’t sing her praises enough. I would like for other daughters and family members to know that an adoption is a joyful experience. It turns a negative situation into a loving, caring gift for the adoptive family that brings so much love to everyone involved. My daughter knows that her baby will be loved and cared for in the best possible home which gives her peace of mind. My hope is that other families will experience all of this as I have and turn a turbulent time in a young woman’s life into a positive and loving experience.

-Catrina Grammie💜💙

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