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Hi! It is so nice to meet you. We are Waleska (but everyone calls me Wally), Ernesto and Sebastian. We really appreciate you taking the time to read our book. We hope it gives you a chance to get to know about us and our special little family and answer some of the questions you may have when it comes to what kind of life your baby will have, if you choose us.

We believe that things happen for a reason and we have faith that God will bring us together as we dream of completing our family. Words could never express how much respect we have for your choices – and no matter what you decide, we wish you and your baby, only the very best, today and always. 

Our Adoption Story and Promise to You

Early in our marriage, we got pregnant with what we soon learned was an ectopic pregnancy. Through dealing with that, Wally lost one of her fallopian tubes. From that point on, starting a family on our own became very difficult for us. We spoke to Doctors and tried fertility treatment but we were never successful. Those moments were difficult for us but looking back, they also brought us together and made us a stronger couple. 

In that time, we talked a lot – we had many heart to heart talks about our purpose in life and our dream to be parents. And that is how we came to adoption – we knew in our hearts that this was the way we were meant to build and now grow our family.

We have so much respect for you and admiration. 

We adopted Sebastian in Texas and had such a wonderful experience. Sebastian’s birthmother was like Angel for us and we would be honored to show you the same respect we have for her. We have so much respect and admiration for your choices and for how much you love your baby already.

Like Sebastian, your child will grow up with values like the importance of honesty, respect, humbleness, responsibility and faith to make the right decisions in life. We will be by his/her side unconditionally, through any obstacles he/she may encounter and will always show our love.

We are committed to doing the best we can for your baby, always.

About Us

Believe it or not, we have known each other since high school and have been married for seventeen years! It wasn’t until college that we had our first date. We felt a strong connection to each other and quickly realized we have many of the same core values when it comes to family, respect, responsibility and honesty.

We have a strong marriage built on trust, mutual respect, open communication and great friendship. We enjoy each other’s company and love spending time together. We believe that having strong faith is what helps us to get through life’s more challenging times and makes the good times even better.

We are both so lucky to have careers that we actually enjoy. We both have good jobs that we enjoy that we can provide a stable home and financial background and ready to grow up the family.

About Sebastian

Everyone is so excited that we are growing our family through adoption and can’t wait for us to welcome another baby into our family.

Sebastian is always is laughing and making pranks. He is a very healthy, independent and energetic boy. He lights up any room he is in and gives so much life to our home. He loves to play with his toys but the best is when he helps Wally cook or joins her for some yoga – he just makes us smile all the time.

His favorite sport is playing soccer – he and Ernesto can spend hours at the park together kicking the ball. He goes to American school and understands both languages, Spanish and English. He’s very smart boy! 

It is our dream to grow our family and for Sebastian to be a big brother one day. We think it will be so special for him to have a sister or bother for to grow up with, as very best friends.

Time with Family

We are close to both of our families. Both of our parents have been married for over 40 years. Combine, we have 6 nieces, 1 nephew and 4 godchild that we love spending time with and being able to be an active part of their lives as they all grow up together.

We love to travel as a family. Each Christmas we travel to Wally’s parents second home in Orlando, Florida and celebrate the holidays together! Sometimes the whole family takes a big van and goes on a road trip!

We actually have a great tradition with Wally’s parents – each year, one family member gets to choose a destination where to celebrate his birthday. This has made for some really great travel experiences. We love to include Sebastian in our travels because we think that there is no better way to learn about our world and everything that makes each of us unique and special. We are so excited to be able to share that with your child one day.

For Easter, our family usually travels so that we can all be together to celebrate. And then for Thanksgiving, our family usually travels to our home and we host everyone – we love to cook all the traditional foods and enjoy the quiet time together. 

Everyone is so excited that we are growing our family through adoption and can’t wait for us to welcome another baby into our family.

Our Home

We live in a lovely and comfortable condo home right on the beach. We have grown up with the ocean and are so grateful that we can raise our family here as well. Everything we need is just a minute from our door – swimming pool, gym, activity room, playground and of course, the beach. We love to take advantage of our neighborhood parks and walk with Sebastian to the to play soccer and meet up with his friends.

In the summer, we love to organize pot luck dinners with family and friends. It makes for a great excuse to get together!  

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. Please let us know if you have any questions for us – we’d be more than happy to share anything else about our family that your might want to know.

No matter what you decide, we promise to make sure that your baby will always know that your decision was made out love. 

With love,
Waleska and Ernesto