Hello! It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to read this page and getting to know us a bit better. We are honored that you have chosen to read more about us!

While we cannot imagine the many decisions that lay before you, we have such respect for your bravery and compassion shown by considering adoption. We hope that our profile gives some view of who we are and the life your child would have growing up with us as part of our family.

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Our Adoption Journey

We have always known that we wanted to be parents together and adopting a child was one of the first things we discussed when we began dating in 2014. Growing up, we were close with family members who were adopted and we have such love for them and respect for how they came to be a part of our family. As a result of knowing adoptees and our own life experiences, including Stephanie learning pregnancy would be dangerous for her, adoption is something we want for ourselves and the child we will be fortunate enough to adopt. We are so excited about the possibility of adoption and look forward to bringing so much love into a child’s life someday soon.

We promise that your story, sacrifice, and your love will always be known and shared with your child; you will always be a part of their story and we will forever be grateful to you.  

Your child will always have our unconditional love and support and be respected for who they are.  They will be encouraged to follow their dreams. We will create a safe space for them to grow, learn, and flourish in life. We will provide endless opportunities, will listen, and help guide them to whatever goals they may pursue in life. We promise that your child will also have the love and support of our family and friends who cannot wait to welcome a child with open arms.  Above all, we promise your child will be treasured and celebrated as the wonderful person they are.


Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents


Stephanie: Through the Eyes of Erik

Stephanie is the most caring and positive person I have ever met, and she inspires me and those around her to be a better person.   She works in her dream job as a Doctor of Pharmacy in non-profit healthcare, working to help individuals and their families in a very difficult period of their lives.  Stephanie’s job is flexible and she works from home most of the time to support her patients through telehealth. While her work is very serious,  Stephanie is very fun to be around and is one of the funniest people I know.   When she is not working, we enjoy gardening together, taking our dog on hikes, and making delicious food together.

Stephanie is someone who is trustworthy, honest, and is always there to support others.  She is incredibly book smart but also has great emotional intelligence as well and is able to know what people need.  

I am so excited to have Stephanie in my life and to be part of this journey together. She will be a wonderful mother!

Erik: Through the Eyes of Steph

Erik is a real hoot to be around and a wonderful person. He is funny, kind, and cares deeply about everything and everyone. We love singing together and making up silly songs about our life to make each other laugh. He often makes life fun with his goofiness, but he is also a strong person to turn to for support in times of need. Erik brings joy to those around him and goes out of his way to care for his friends and family. His sincere kindness, playfulness, and strength are all qualities that will serve well as a parent.

While Erik is humble, he is also very smart and is the first of his family to get a college degree. He is always learning something new and willing to teach others. While his intelligence has led him to a high-ranking career at a large financial company, he is able to have an exceptional work life balance with his work-from-home schedule.

Erik is a great partner and I know he will be a loving and supportive father one day. I love him so very much.



Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents




Steph’s Hobbies:
-Baking delicious and healthy treats
-Making home-made candles with lovely scents
-Home design and decorating
-Painting, watercolors, and doing anything creative

Erik’s Hobbies:
-Cooking homemade meals – he is great at southern food as well as fancier French dishes
-Bee Keeping – yes, this includes lots of honey to take home
-Reading to unwind and to learn something new

Things We Love To Do Together:
-Playing board games with our friends and family
-Caring for our sweet pets, including our adorable dog Sue Bear, our tabby cat Gertie, and our smushy face cat Sebastian
-Gardening organic fruits and vegetables in our backyard garden
-Listening to music, including jazz, indie, and hip-hop
-Safely traveling and experiencing new cultures around the globe
-Hiking and exploring as many national parks as we are able to

Our Home

Our home is an inviting and warm space in East Nashville, Tennessee.

It is often filled with friends and family gathering for a meal or fun holiday celebrations. Our home is spacious with plenty of room for different activities such as hosting dinners and holidays, having movie nights, doing hobbies and crafts, or a cozy night by the fire.

To be in the center of it all, we spend the majority of our time on the main floor of the house in the kitchen, open living room, and large screened in porch by the garden.



Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents



Our Community

Nashville is a culturally rich city with tons of music, art, and great food as well as beautiful natural surroundings. We live walking distance to one of Nashville’s greenway parks which are scenic and peaceful and are also close to the schools which often win awards and have interesting programs like a farm-to-school program.

East Nashville as a community is one of the most accepting, diverse, and inclusive neighborhoods in our city. We both enjoy being involved in our community, from joining the neighborhood running club to helping with organized clean-ups. 

Our neighborhood is very safe and quiet and there are many shops close to home which is convenient. There are also a number of young families on our street and fifteen children ranging in ages from infants to10 years old. All of them are so looking forward to welcoming a new playmate! Our neighbors frequently get together for events like cookouts and to just hang out outdoors on a nice afternoon, enjoying each other’s company and watching the kids play together. We cannot wait to experience these get-togethers as a family of three.

Family & Loved Ones

We believe people are what make life special. We feel so lucky to have a wonderful supportive friend group in Nashville who are like family to us. Our friends are always there for us and our community when in need. We love getting together to celebrate things like friendsgiving with lots of food and the summer solstice with home-made flower crowns. Everyone is excited about us building our family through adoption!

Both of us come from large extended families which means there will be lots more people to love your child! We love getting together with our extended families for big holiday celebrations like Christmas (Stephanie’s favorite holiday – so many decorations and singing and family dinners), as well as family trips to new places.



Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents



Stephanie’s Side of the Family

Maybe the biggest cheerleader for this future child is Steph’s sister Anna. She is so excited to be an Aunty along with her partner Corie! Anna is a licensed therapist who cares so much for others and is also Steph’s best friend.

Stephanie’s dad is a semi-retired nurse and full-time woodworker who lives up north with a magical backyard for all his grandkids. Stephanie also has two step-siblings and loves to spend time with her nieces and nephew when she visits with them.

Stephanie’s mom is an active lady who lives in Florida and cannot wait to have Granny beach days in the future with our family.

Stephanie also has a large extended family with over 20 first cousins all around the US, whom she loves dearly.

Erik’s Side of the Family

Erik comes from a large family and grew up with four sisters but he has also reconnected with siblings from his biological father’s marriage bringing the grand total to 6 siblings!   Erik is the proud uncle of four nieces and four nephews.

Erik’s family has fun holiday traditions like an annual Christmas Vacation party that brings together the entire immediate family.   Erik’s parents rent a lake house every summer and invite the whole family to come and stay with them.

Erik’s sisters are all excited to have a new niece or nephew join the family. His brother in laws have been very supportive, particularly one of them who is adopted and has provided valuable insights into the feelings he had growing up.   His parents have been wonderful grandparents to their eight grandchildren and they are ready to love number nine!


Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents - Adoptions First

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents


We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us initially through our words and photos and for considering us as adoptive parents.  We respect your strength and hope we helped to show how loved and treasured your baby will be through life.

We are so excited to be parents and know that we will provide a safe, fun, educational, and loving home for your child to grow in. In the midst of our excitement, we understand you are not making this decision lightly. We admire you and are here to provide love and support as you make the plan you feel is best for your child.

We look forward to learning more about you and would love to share more about ourselves if you are interested.  Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us. We hope and pray you feel peace and comfort in your heart as you make the best choice for you and your child.


With love,
Stephanie and Erik

Stephanie and Erik Adoptive Parents