We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. Our dream is to add a beautiful child to our family to make us a party of five! Hopefully this gives you the opportunity to feel all the love your child will receive from us, our family & friends, and give you a glimpse into our lives filled with annual traditions, car dancing, 80’s music, chalk art, and so much more.

If you choose us, your baby will be blessed with an amazing big sister, a Yorkie full of kisses, and amazing parents. That’s what our friends tell us anyway! Without a doubt, this is a hard decision, but we commend you for choosing this path. We hope that we can be part of your journey and give you peace with your decision.

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents

Our Adoption Promise

Our story is unique and our desire to adopt a child is not one taken lightly. At the young age of 17, Michelle’s mom got pregnant and had KRISTA, her first child, a baby girl, which she placed for adoption. Bringing a new baby into the family simply wasn’t feasible. Michelle was born seven years later and grew up knowing she had an older sister. Back then, closed adoptions were more prevalent and open adoptions weren’t discussed. At the age of 18 years-old, Krista met their mom for the very first time. The meeting took place at Krista’s college dorm, with 100+ college friends supporting her. 

Michelle having lived this experience with her mom and sister (as an adult), gained a deeper understanding of what adoption means, probably more than most people. She also understands the impact it had on her sister for not knowing her birth family. This is why open adoption is so important and we are willing to honor you as the birth mother.

We are blessed to have Luna thanks to IVF, who just turned 4 years-old. (After several IVF attempts).

Our family plan has always been to adopt a child one day and that day is now.

How We Began

We met on a dating site in 2011. Truth be told, Julio ignored Michelle’s request to communicate for over a week. Finally, Julio wrote back apologizing for his very delayed reply and blamed it on an injury due to running the LA marathon. Likely story she thought! We met for dinner and shut the restaurant down. The rest is the fun part of the story! On our third date, we went to a Dodger game and neither of us really enjoys baseball. Second inning, a foul ball is coming towards us. What does Julio do? He leans as far over to his right away from Michelle with his hands protecting his glasses to get out of the way. Thankfully, we didn’t get hit and vowed to never go to a game again.

Two years later we got married in San Francisco surrounded by 40 of our closest friends and relatives. We’ve since moved twice out of state for Michelle’s previous career in product development, first to Chicago, then Texas (where Luna was born), and back to Southern California. After having our daughter, Michelle switched careers to be able to spend more time with the family and have a flexible schedule. Best decision she ever made!

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents

Our Family


I am truly lucky to call her my wife. She is very patient and kind, her Mid-west traits shine bright, plus she knows how to change electrical outlets, fix sprinklers and leaky toilets. Michelle Achilles’ heel is IKEA furniture assembling.

She is the first person in her family with a college degree, and was one of the youngest directors of multiple companies. That all changed for the better once she became a mother, re-inventing herself and became self-employed in order to have a flexible schedule, allowing her to care of our daughter.

Michelle is a wonderful wife, loving mother, great daughter and a smart businesswoman.

ABOUT JULIO by Michelle

He’s the guy you want to sit and talk to about anything. His energy is calming and exciting all at the same time. His laugh is loud and contagious and he’ll make you laugh too. The car dancing, well yes, it’s true he has moves. It’s contagious and it’s always entertaining to watch the reaction of cars near by when they see him bust a move. Julio is devoted and hardworking, which makes me in awe of him as a man, husband, and now the best Daddy!

Coming to US at the age of 15 years old from Perú, not being able to speak English was a huge challenge. Despite that, he finished top of his high school class, paid his way through college and got his Graphic Design degree and a minor in Business. His father wasn’t very involved in his life and died when Julio was young, so being a present father and one who is loving, devoted, and teaches our child to have fun and be in the moment is so amazing to watch.

ABOUT LUNA, Our Bundle of Love

She is a Virgo and truly carries that badge of honor! She is a fashionista and started dressing herself when she turned two. She loves shoes and more shoes. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she talks about is what she’s going to wear. She is thriving on her second year of pre-school! Julio only speaks to Luna in Spanish and she is bilingual because of it. Michelle will get there one day! Our house is normally the hub for many play dates – it does not hurt that she has her own bounce house!

We explained the adoption process to her and she tells us she is ready to be a BIG SISTER and will even change diapers!

Our Community

Our house is close to the beach in Southern California. Six years ago we did extensive remodeling to our home with family in mind. Our 4-bedroom house has an empty bedroom just waiting for a new addition. We love our big backyard, filled with play equipment, bird feeders and baths, and lots of room to run around and play.

Our neighborhood is filled with tree-lined streets, lots of kids riding bikes or scooters, and families walking their dogs. Julio has lived in our neighborhood for eighteen years, so when Michelle moved in, she quickly had several new friends in our neighbors. We are walking distance from the top rated schools for all twelve years, which is huge for us!

Michelle is one of two kids raised by a single mother and grandparents. Michelle’s mom passed away six years ago and her dad resides in Kansas. Grandpa really enjoys spending time with his granddaughter and comes to visit us often in California and we go to visit as well. She grew up in a family filled with wheat farmers, horseback riding with cousins, playing hide-n-seek, riding bikes unit it turned dark in the summer, and learned to drive a tractor before a car.

Michelle and her best friend met while attending driver’s education class at age fourteen. They’ve been best friend’s ever since and she was our maid of honor. Every year we bake Christmas cookies with our next-door neighbors, making ten different varieties, followed by dinner after all the mess is cleaned up. Our favorites are the crescent moon and frosted sugar cookies!

Julio is an only child raised by a single mother. He always wished he had a sibling to play with growing up. Best childhood memories are from his summer vacations, visiting grandparents, riding donkeys and piling up in a Volkswagen bug car with all his cousins like it was a clown car. His mother lives one hour away, so it’s great for weekend visits with grandma!

Art was a big passion of his at an early age, and after submitting a painting into a competition and winning first place, he realized this might be a good career choice! Julio’s closest friends are from his college years, and we see all of them at least twice a year.

Both of our families are very supportive of our desire to expand our family with adoption and say it’s about time!

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents


Our weekends are all about spending time together. Cooking breakfast at home and eating Michelle’s gourmet French toast with fruit, watching Peppa Pig on Sunday morning as a family, drawing chalk art in front of our house, hanging our hammock at the park and staring up at the sky, or at the beach digging gigantic holes in the sand for no apparent reason! It’s just what our daughter loves to do.

Luna loves museums. Her favorite is The New Children’s Museum in San Diego, because it’s filled with clay crafting, truck painting, drawing tables, you name it. The best part is the area with mattresses for the kids to go wild and jump like they’ve never jumped before!

Annual Traditions

Camping Trip Yosemite National Park

May – 6 families

4th of July Bash

40 friends – BBQ, homemade desserts, fireworks

Cookie Bake-Off with Neighbors

Week before Christmas

Christmas Trip to Solvang, CA

Just us, carriage rides and mouthwatering danishes!

Michelle and Julio - Adoptive Parents

This is probably one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make choosing a family that is right for your child.


We will raise your child in a happy home, filled with laughter, new experiences, a big sister, lots of family and friends, where they feel safe and loved every day. May this decision bring you peace and comfort knowing that you are doing what’s best for you and your baby.

With love,
Michelle and Julio